Hello everyone,

Ever struggle with your creative brain?

With great creativity comes lack of sleep, focus, and other things. It can also cause you to be more impulsive, sarcastic, and overdo stuff often.

But hey, usually everything you do is thought out and awe-inspiring, so there is that. The grand thing with being creative is sometimes the solution to the problem requires you to be more imaginative. For example, I work in a school and in theory we teach each and every kid the same stuff. With each kid I often have to adapt a slightly different style of teaching them because their not little drones but their own individuals.

Another positive is you can adapt easily unless your a Creative perfectionist and do things by the book.

Creative Over Thinker: the person that overthinks every creative aspect and is constantly redoing what they created because they think its never good enough

Creative Art Person: mad artist that’s constantly inspired to create some form of art on anything they can get their hands on

Creative Writer: is someone that can never silence the voices in their head. Don’t worry not in the way were they actually hear things rather; they are constantly being bombarded with story ideas that drive them nuts writing or not writing because it can be meddling either way

Creative Teacher: fun teacher like Miss Hunny from Matilda

Creative Lazy Person: The person that inspired to be creative because their extremely lazy

Creative Hulk: rather than smashing things they tend to create things in their anger

Creative Sulker: are people that express their sorrows and frustrations in there creative masterpieces

The Creative Bottler: the person that explodes in vengeance and devises a very creative way of evening the score

Creative Einstein: When it comes down too it; science is technically creative. Did you know some of the coolest discoveries were made by accident?

If you have more to add let me know so I can Add them to the list.

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