Sit On It

Hello guys and gals of the blogosphere,

Do you find yourself sitting on an 💡 that you will one day do?

Well now, would be a good day to start. It’s easy to say you don’t have time to or don’t know we’re to start.

But that one day may slip away. So get up and get it done. Procrastination is the; I’ll wait till tomorrow. In-order to be successful you need to go and get it done.

Besides hesitation can be dangerous. One good example of this is chores. Nobody wants to do chores. Let me rephrase that almost nobody wants to do chores. So you may or may not avoid them until it’s necessary that you do them. It becomes dangerous because small hard objects on the ground at 10 o’clock at night can really hurt your foot.

That’s not too dangerous I know. What’s really dangerous is you can get used to being idle. Hesitation and that constant second guessing can cause a rose bush barrier so thick that it can choke the creativity and energy right out of you.

A little much, but it’s the truth. So do what you got to do. Don’t sit on it, act.
How do you resist sitting on it? You start working on whatever it is you need to work on. One thing I always struggled with is hesitating. In driving or in my writing…

The thing is if you don’t start now you never will. You’ll have a well of ideas and no outlet. Then one day will pass by and you’ll miss out on an opportunity. 

What if you missed out? What if you think it’s too late to start? Through that thought out the window because it never is too late to start up an idea. Ever hear the phrase, “it’s better late than never.” Well take it to heart it really is. Stop waiting for someday and start acting on your idea.  

Till next time. 

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