Leap of Faith

Hello everybody of the blogosphere,

My last post was about how I finally submitted my manuscript…

Now I’m going through the long process of waiting. It a good thing I have a new hobby and work a lot because if I didn’t I would be stuck counting the days.

It’s Hard

to write. to not write. to wait. to cram. to submit. to not lose hope. to write some more. to get published. to market.

but the rewards are momentouse!

Many people say its hard. But that’s something that we all know some parts of writing may seem easy while others is like nails screeching on chalkboards.

If it was easy it wouldn’t be a true accomplishment. Now that we’ve established that it can be a struggle, but worth every bit; let’s get into the making of a submission letter.

It’s vital to everything your doing because it’s your first impression. It’s what will sell your soul to the devil. Just Kidding. That last part won’t happen.

From what I’ve read it’s good to be professional but at the same time personal. Short and definitely sweet. Basically, be you and be respectful. Don’t tell them why you deserve it rather tell them your honored to be picked by them.

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