Hello everyone,

Today’s post will be different. I wanted to talk about loss; you know the four letter word portraying sorrow. It’s that one thing that everyone ignores. No one wants to talk about losing.Just because it’s unspoken doesn’t mean it’s not there burdening us with unnecessary fears and sometimes necessary pains.

I guess the challenge with loss is to never let it hold you down. Loss is normal its part of your everyday. The question is will you let it control you or will you control it? Will you choose to be an overcomer or will you stay in bed thinking maybe another day?

It’s may not be easy it can even be embarrassing but you can’t stop. There’s people watching that see your struggle and see your accomplishments. If you call it quits now what will that tell them. It will tell them that you failed and never got back up again. Do you want to be remembered for that? I know I don’t want that.

Besides, often enough people quit right before they were going to make it. So why stop! When you can keep on going.

“Acknowledge loss, push past it. Never let it hold you hostage.” Aliaha Brown

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