Word Vomit

Hello everybody,

Know this quote?

The reason I ask is that…….

Two main reasons

1.) The first draft is one of the few times its alright to vomit words (sorry, that sounds gross but you get my meaning, I hope)
2.) it’s okay if the first draft needs intense therapy (stop beating yourself up about it)

At the end of the day your first draft is the idea catcher. It’s there so you can let it goooooo.

We have two parts of our brain the analytical / logical part of our brain and the creative side. What we need to do is let the creative side go wild. When your finished, have had a cup of joe get caught up on your sleep eat something. Then and only then start working on fixing those pesky red lines.

If you can’t shut up the grammar police in your head. This will be really hard to do. It’s still possible. Think of it like this in order to make a cake you first preheat the oven. Next you need to gather all the ingredients. Then you mix all the dry ingredients in one bowl and then mix the wet ingredients into the mixture. After that you spray the cake mold with pam. Because pam is from heaven. And then you put it in the preheated oven.

That’s what makes a cake. Just like making a cake your first draft is the pre-heated oven. You prepare everything and then you mix it together to make something special for everyone that’s interested in your specific genre.

If I completely confused you what I’m trying to say is; trick your brain into just writing and then editing.

Hope this helped! 😄

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  1. The problem I’ve always had is trying to create the perfect first draft. A part of my brain seems to take over for a while and tries to convince me that I must nail it on the first try.

    This is one of those things we have to push away. Let the idea come out and worry about structure and all that other stuff later.

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