Writer Courting Insanity

Hello everybody,

Ever hear the term, “writer courting insanity”? Well, if by any case you haven’t it stands for a writer who isn’t writing. That’s a very scary place because the creative part of your brain will not be shut off and you can only bottle things for so long. Eventually your ideas will implode, and you’ll start writing gibberish.

Okay that last part of that paragraph was nonsense that doesn’t really happen. Or does it? 🙃

In all seriousness when you try to bottle your creativity, it’s really hard to be motivated to do other things. A great example of this can be work. I get that there is a time and a place for everything. And everybody needs to work. But sometimes you can overwork and lose sight of what really inspires you.

😅 My life at the moment. The working all the time part, anyway.

Reading all of this I don’t want you to quit your job because
a) you need money to live.
b) go back to reason a

Rather identify those creative blockers and find ways to work past them. Last month I was stuck on rewriting a small part of my novel and I’m finally finished. Hopefully, for good but I was also working all the time and didn’t have a real break so it was really hard for me to write anything. I guess you can think of it like the funk teenagers go through you know the one with the hair in your eyes and stuff. In my case it was a writing funk.

Some of you guys gave me really awesome ideas like writing in a different place. Shout out to Brayan Fagon who has  a really entertaining blog of awesomeness.

When ever I did have time to write I was stuck on one thing the story. Because I didn’t write it soon enough, I guess you can Say I was a writer courting insanity. Seriously, not a fun place to be.

If you’re at the writers stage of courting insanity. You have all the tools to write what you need to write. Find a nice little place and write.

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  1. Thank you for the shout out. That is incredibly kind. If I helped you my work is done. That is my goal.

    It is so important to do little things in the creative world. All of us need to find time to release the energy that’s dying to get out. It could be one line, a word or a rambling paragraph of an idea. Whatever it is, it needs to come out.

    Happy to hear you’re working through the tough part of your novel. We’ve all been there.

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