Writing Once Again

Hello guys and gals of the blog-o-sphere,

So I went through a bought of non-blogging. BUT, I finally managed to connect the dot for certain characters in my story. It’s so exciting! because the story is now completed for the fifty millionth time. 

Now my mind is kind of cleared up and I can blog again. Speaking of which have you ever gone through a time when you have a one track mind? 

One Track Mind:

finish the ______________,

finish the _____________,

finish the _____________. 


It’s not necessarily writers block; it’s more like a block from everything that doesn’t pertain to your project. In my case it was a novel. 

🗝’s to getting out of this

Finish the ____________,

Finish the ____________,

Finish it!

There really is no other answer.

Having a disciplined mind only goes so far, when it comes to the creative side of your brain. 

With that being said, thank you again for all of your support you guys and gals are truly amazing. 



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One thought on “Writing Once Again

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  1. It’s good to step away and reorganize. Writing is hard and only a handful make it to the finish line. You’re proving you’re in it for the long haul.

    I’m glad you put on the breaks. A lot of people don’t. It will be worth it.

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