Less Talk More Walk

Hello everyone, 

Ever go through those phases of excitement and non-stop chatter about something? Then later happens…

The glaring at the screen or paper. The thinking and non-writing because you can’t formulate how to write what you think. The strong sense of failure because you didn’t meet your goals. You were so exited until you started. Then everybody asks you about it.

I can go on, but why?

This is the classic case of say less.  It’s really easy to talk about our goals, but it’s almost always hard do. It’s also may be a tidbit of laziness. If we’re all honest, we can be lazy from time to time. Rather than doing what we said we realize how much work it was and change our minds on it or procrastinate until the very last minute. I am very guilty of doing this. 

Change of direction! Once you start the doing process of that amazing something you’re doing it’s really easy to lose your enthusiasm. For example, I directed the children’s church play for my church for a couple of years. Well more than a couple considering that a couple is only two. 

Any way, I directed it and many times I had this really fun idea the kids would love. I wrote it out, and we picked who would be what. But a few practices later I was ready to call it quits. It’s hard really hard. Blood sweat and tears, I’m telling you. They were often rowdy and loud, argument’ve, through parents in the mix and it’s a mixing pot of woe. 

Not wow, woe. I wanted to quiet, But I couldn’t because that’s not the answer either. So I stuck with it and the plays always turned out great. Was I always enthusiastic? That’s a very fat NOOOO.

I can say there were those heartfelt moments when the kids needed encouragement and everything went smoothly. Or they said something glorious. They were all great. I may have a few grey hairs because of them but they were great. And I miss doing those Christmas plays and stuff. 

Back to my point, you won’t always be enthusiastic about something but that doesn’t mean you quiet. The greater the frustration the stronger and more developed you become. If everything in life was meant to be easy, we wouldn’t know how to problem solve. Just saying…

Till next time 😉

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