Hello everyone,

I didn’t realize how much my family and I relied on WiFi. The reason I say this is that, our WiFi and landline has been out for the past two weeks and it’s driving me crazy.

Yesterday, I had to bring my siblings with me to work because
1. their crazy
2. refer back to reason one

For example:

The time my brother Caleb almost burned the house down. This of course happened when he put a cup of noodles in the microwave without any water.

Or when my other brother Aiden almost cut his thumb off because he wanted someone to peel him an orange. Unfortunately for everyone, we were all busy, so he was told to wait and that’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

There’s even the time my sister Rebecca freaked our neighbors out so bad they looked over the fence because she screamed like she was dying. And the reason she screamed so loudly was… 

Due to an ant bite. 

All these stories happened when they were younger. But you never know if they’ll make the same mistakes again. Especially, when you consider the fact that history repeats itself.
To be honest, it’s kind of nice that we’re all forced to be off of the computers and electronics. The bummer is I can’t use the WiFi when I need it.

Times When I Need It:
1. Writing Blog Posts (they don’t look the same on my phone)
2. Listening to videos with writing advice (the creative penn)
3. Researching Topics for my Novel, that I finished a long time ago but keep an going back to (Mayans, Bermuda Triangle, Alcatraz)
4. Procrastinating

On the bright side, it should be fixed some time today! So my crazy siblings will be zombified once again.

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