The Curse of Over Correction!

Hello everyone,

Is it just me or do you go through a situation where you over corrected everything? For example driving, writing, organizing, painting, etc. 

Well, this is a big problem. One time I tried to turn a pair of jeans into skinny jeans and um…😐😅

It might have ended up in the trash because I accidentally sewed them too skinny. Another example is the time I almost emphasis  on almost hit somebody else’s car with my car due to overcorrection. Even with writing when you write something and as you go over what you wrote you hate it and decide to change it completely. Only to realize later your first version was actually better. 

Yup, overcorrection is definitely an issue. 

How do we cure this overcorrection aka perfectionism! 

Simple you identify when you are about to overcorrect. 

Then you resist the urge to over change whatever you were about to redo. 

After that you need a nice cup of a rich dark roast coffee. 

Finally, you process your options. Think do you really need to do what you think you need to do. Or should you get a second opinion? 

Now that you have identified, resisted, and processed it’s time to make minuscule changes. 

It’s really easy to get caught up in the minor details and loose the plot all together! 

Out of curiosity, how do you stop over correcting? Because, hey every method has room for improvement and I would love to hear your advice.

2 thoughts on “The Curse of Over Correction!

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  1. By way of experience, and that includes countless mistakes,I toss everything against the wall and leave it.

    When my book was going through the editing process my editors would toss out most of my babble but every now and then they would find a jewel. If I had continued the habit of correcting everything I wrote these discovered jewels would have been lost.

    Sometimes we just need to walk away.

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