Five Word Challenge

Hello everyone,

Have you ever been asked, “how you just write?” How do you close off the world around you and focus on working on a project? How do you clear your headspace?

Theses questions matter. If I’m honest, I have no clue how this works. All I know is when I have a brilliant idea I just write. There is no rhyme or reason to it. The idea comes and we answer the call.

Besides that they’re all those times when it’s really hard to write for example my previous post. Project Shadow (echo echo) helped me out by mentioned writing nonsense. Because even if it’s bad it can be sooooooooo bad that it’s great. They’re totally right!!! Totally right!!! By the way you should check out their blog it’s pretty cool.

There is that method and there’s also the five word method. First five words you think of write them down. Now that you have those five words maneuver them until there is something you can work with.

For example: have you ever written a song, an essay, made a craft, or made food? For an essay you need your intro, reasoning why, main point, counter examples, conclusion. For a song you need a melody, something to write on, a muse, stillness. For a craft you need glue, paper, markers, pencils, paint.

For a food item, ingredients, recipe, cooking utensils, heat or cold.
In all four examples you need a couple of things to finish them off. So why not be creative and use five words?

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  1. We’ve all been there. I feel whatever it takes to push us to that level we need to be, do it. I had a long layoff but I can feel it coming back. It’s hard to describe but I know it’s on its way. Kind of like the feeling you get when you know an old friend is about to visit.

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