You will be Calm

Hello everybody, 

Have you ever listened to the adds on the radio? Get hypnotized and lose weight, stop smoking, or lose that pesky habit.  Come in today money-back guarantee. 

My question is, what if they hypnotize you so you can’t go back and get your money back? Or what happens if they did what you asked as well as something on the side? What if they used a keyword like duck, and whenever you hear that word you do the chicken dance on one leg as you sing an Elvis song. 

Just saying…

What happens if hypnotism was real?

It would be a strange world. The reason behind this line of thinking is. I finished Gordon Korman book series the Hypnotist. I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. And yes, I am aware of the fact that this series is a kids series. Hey a book is a book regardless of the age group.

Jackson Opus is your everyday basketball playing Brooklyn kid. When one day he accidentally does __________ to ___________ . Then he gets a call from _________. This leads to ___________. Now he is trying to figure out .

Okay sorry, I’ll stop with the . If I told you what the series was about, you would have no reason to read it or get it for the kids in your life. Basically, if you like hypnotism, shady ____________, and __________this is the series for you. Sorry, I’ll really stop with the blank’s now. 😂

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