What to Write…

Hello everyone,

Do you ever struggle with what to write?

Personally I’ve been coming up blank for a little while. 😅 I normally set up a topic plan. And after that I elaborate on each topic.

If you’re struggling with this too here a list of ways to help you out of the what to write stage.

    • Create a topic list
    • Sit down and type nonsense
    • Stop procrastinating (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, shopping)
    • Play some music
    • Think of a time altering experience
    • Focus
    • Stop second guessing yourself

    If you pay close attention to those times in your life in which you were stuck or are currently stuck in writing; it might be…

    Because of a lack of confidence.

    I say this because I like to do things I’m somewhat decent at. For any reason I think the outcome is going to be unsuccessful I will probably quiet.

    If this sound like you, then you understand my the dilemma. One day this won’t be a struggle until then though.

    Keep at it!

    If there’s something you do that helps you with your writing, let me know in the comments so I can add them to the list above. ⬆️ 

     Thank you 😊

    6 thoughts on “What to Write…

    Add yours

    1. I just write dumb stuff, I find if I can’t write anything good, I can always write something bad, I just don’t have to share that dumb stuff, and sometimes you can fix it later and make something good you know?


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