Writing with Conviction

Hello guys and gals of the blog-o-sphere,

It’s been a while since I posted anything new. Sorry about that I’ve been struggling with writing synopsis. But I would like to thank Adam and D. Wallace Peach for the words of advise on synopsis. Speaking of which, they both have wonderful blogs. Adam started putting excerpts from his novel. And D. Wallace Peach has great information on writing and hilarious terrible poetry.

When you write does it have conviction? 

Conviction: a firmly held belief or conviction. 

The making of any great fiction story is a kernel of truth and the rest of it is a great exaggeration.   One example of this is Beck the Speck. The story is about a real person. Who happens to be my little sister, but she never became as small as a speck. She was tiny forever though. When a really windy day came along, she was almost lifted off the ground when she was little.

See kernel of truth and huge exaggeration. That kernel of truth happened to be my conviction.

Benefits of Writing with Conviction:

Your story more believable. 

Your words are weighted.

Your characters are more relatable 

People empathize with your story and get mad when you end a book on a cliffhanger.

Downfalls of Writing with Conviction:

Moodswings (when you write about something that disturbs you it can make you upset all over again.)

In conclusion, write about the things you believe or feel strongly. Don’t be afraid to share bits and pieces of yourself in your writing or your pursuits in life. 

Have a good rest of your day. 😉

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