Four Pictures One Word

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,

Ever hear about the game four pictures one word. Well, if you have skip the rest of this paragraph. If not, it’s a game where they show you four different pictures and you need to create one word based on those four pictures. It’s like a synopsis.

A synopsis is really just a crisp summary of each chapter. When you first start writing something you have some general idea of what’s going on in the chapter. Once you start writing the story, it’s easy for it to run away with you. But you can simply re-write the synopsis (summary). 

One thing to keep in mind, unlike a summary synopsis give spoilers. So don’t be afraid to give those out, editors love them.

I don’t know if you struggle with writing the synopsis, but I definitely do. I’ve been stuck on this for weeks. WEEKS!!!

Even going as far as, googling how to write manuscript synopsis and so on. Turns out most people say, “write the synopsis first then write the story.” This is a greeeeeaaat idea.

This leads me to my current dilemma. 

Since I never wrote a full outline of my story, I’m forced to try to summarize my manuscript.So I gave myself a deadline. I have till Sunday to finish up. 


If you’re struggling with your synopsis too. Check out these post and videos.  



How To Write A Book Synopsis

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