Hello everyone, Do you ever have a story mapped out in your head? It’s there but you’re not ready to write, because you’re still missing something. That’s me at the moment. So hopefully we can help each other out. A while back I mentioned finally finishing book one for a young adult action adventure story. So... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone, Exited that tomorrow’s Thursday, and that means Friday is a day away. Before I get started on this post, I wanted to apologise because my last post sounded oftly close to someone else’s post I read a while back. I didn’t realize it until today. Anyway, let’s move along shall we. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!! Yup,... Continue Reading →

Want To…

Hello everybody, Sorry about the ... in the title I wasn’t sure what to call this post. It’s another day and I have another post for you to hopefully read, and genuinely like. As we all go through life, there are times when we really push ourselves to the limit. What drives you to push... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody, Do you have one of those ideas? You know the ones that are always on the back of your mind. Then write it, or paint it, go with it. Unless it can be dangerous or cause something bad to happen. If it's dangerous or can cause major grief, don’t go with it. If your... Continue Reading →


  Five minutes of fame, Have it one day then your forgotten  Trying to maintain Create new content, Draw in an audience Brick after brick, we put them in place Without a true foundation, Our toil is in vain Lesson learned, never place your self worth in fame  

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