Prove Something

“Don’t live life only to prove a point. It will lead you down a path of bitterness and regret. 
Hello everyone,  This post might be a little controversial, please bare with me. Has someone or other ever told you you wouldn’t succeed. That you would be a failure. To some degree we all have experienced this.  Often or not we go on a warpath to prove that we are capable or worthy. After we reach that goal, we  realize we didn’t have any enjoyment in our accomplishment.
  1. It was spent trying to prove something.
2. You go to slap your success in someone’s face only to find out they don’t really care.  Stop doing things trying to prove something and be happy you’re accomplishing your dreams. What other people think of your accomplishments doesn’t really matter.  Why be successful and resentful towards all the people that said it wasn’t possible. The only person this hurts is you. Don’t stick it to the man, rather bath in the glory of your victory. In fact, go as far as to thank those people that said you wouldn’t make it! (& mean what you say) Because, if it wasn’t for their harsh words you might not have taken up the challenge.  Don’t take it to the Extreme!!! Okay, I might have written stop doing things only to prove a point. At the same time, though it’s okay to do so. We need to stand up for ourselves!!! But if you accomplishing something only to prove a point that’s when we start to have problems.  Because that whole time was spent in a frustrated fever rather than exited focused dream. 

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  1. In our world of writing we are faced with doubts and criticism. Most of the time they’re our own. But when faced with these opinions from others I’ve learned it’s part of the path I chose.

    You are so right in this post. Do not try to prove anything to others and realize once you’ve succeeded the one talking down to you doesn’t care.

    This was great. Thanks.

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