Hello everyone,

Do you ever have a story mapped out in your head? It’s there but you’re not ready to write, because you’re still missing something. That’s me at the moment. So hopefully we can help each other out. A while back I mentioned finally finishing book one for a young adult action adventure story. So now it’s time to work on book two and to be completely honest I’ve written the first chapter. The skeletal outline is already mapped out. Everything is ready but….

I’m not ready to write. One reason is I’ve had a couple of people read my manuscript and they say it’s good. But…. I still think the story is a little crappy. And one person thinks the story should be completely rewritten.  I don’t really want to rewrite it though.

This led me to the next big step and sent the story to an editor. I should get the story back on the 14th of this month. 

Everything is riding on the 14th. 

giphy (12)

If this story is completely horrible, I guess I will have no choice but to rewrite it for the tenth millionth time.Okay that’s exaggerating.

 It’s not that bad. 

Welcome to my dilemma. It’s not that big of a deal.  I’m not going to die, and no one’s lives will weigh in the balance if I need to rewrite. Well the characters lives might weigh in the balance. 


download (89)This is the make it or break it point for anyone. The decision to continue even if you know you might have to start over again. Life is filled with so many risks and we can’t afford to quits. This is the easy thing to do and life isn’t meant to be easy peasy lemon squeezy.  

With all of this being said I will continue on. But I’m also going to wait for the 14th in nervous anticipation. 

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