Hello everyone,

Exited that tomorrow’s Thursday, and that means Friday is a day away. Before I get started on this post, I wanted to apologise because my last post sounded oftly close to someone else’s post I read a while back. I didn’t realize it until today.

Anyway, let’s move along shall we. AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Yup, story of many minds. Well, that’s if we give up. Theirs this funny little thing that everyone is afraid of and that’s failure. Nobody likes to fail. If you have failed. Get up! This is easy to say and hard to do. Very hard to do. But we won’t get anywhere if we always focus on that one failure.

Failure can be embarrassing it can be devastating it can cause us to shut down and isolate ourselves.  Failure can also challenge us and make us stronger. For every failure we have an option crawl in a hole and die or get up pull a Rocky Balboa and fight. 8d563f45-3aa8-4777-a301-205e6586f78b

An example of this is when I was in second grade I flunked because my teacher and me did not get along. Since, I was aware of my teacher’s dislike of me I refused to give her my homework, so I flunked. In other words failed.  The following year a student named Nicolas made fun of me repeating the second grade. That challenged me to do better, and I graduated early as the valedictorian. It wasn’t to boast or rub it in Nicolas’s face okay maybe it was a little. But in all fairness I didn’t see him again. What he meant for bad actually worked for good though. Rather than give up it made me want to try harder. If you look at history, you’ll find many famous failures. All of them have multiple things in common.

They were laughing stocks.

They failed.

They were rejected.

They failed again.

People didn’t see the vision.

They were different.

They were rejected again.

They got discouraged but refused to give up.

They succeeded.


Hopefully this encouraged you. Don’t give up because you will only have to start again from the beginning.  Why do extra work when you’re at the halfway point of achieving your goals?

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  1. Fear of Failure – Those three words haunt of us, don’t they. Most of us beat it but for some it is a life long struggle. For a writer this is their worst enemy. This is control. Find a way to beat this. To squish it. If you don’t, it wins.

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    1. It does. The funny thing is many times what we might fail at isn’t going to kill us. I have a very overactive imagination and a couple of times I found myself playing out my possible failure. 😅 it seemed like a big deal but later I realized nobody was going to die if I fail. The world wasn’t going to end. I t might be embarrassing but it would be okay. I’m glad you liked my post😊


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