Want To…

Hello everybody,

Sorry about the … in the title I wasn’t sure what to call this post. It’s another day and I have another post for you to hopefully read, and genuinely like.

As we all go through life, there are times when we really push ourselves to the limit. What drives you to push that invisible barrier of Bla to being metaphorically dropped in a vat of chemical waste and saving the world.


One big thing! How much you want it. Image result for pursue your dreams


You have to have the want to.  You don’t have to be the most talented or come from the right family. You don’t even have to know the right people, you just need to have the want to. Even if you came from the right family, knew the right people, or natural talent you still need the want to. If you want something truly want it, you will pursue it until it becomes a reality.

So do you have it?

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  1. The key is wanting to do it. If that’s the kind of writer you are the reader will see it in your words. It’s a certain voice that draws people in but there’s something else. That certain magic we can’t describe but we know it’s there.

    Fun blog you’ve created. Happy to have found it. 🙂

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