Something Informative for a Change

Hello everybody,
A post or so ago, I mentioned the struggle I’ve been having with reading. So I decided to read something that’s in the form of a textbook called Writing For the Mass Media. So far I’m on page 5. 
Hey don’t judge I just started reading it 5 minutes ago. Now you might wonder why I’m sharing this with you. Simple, this book is about writing for the masses. AKA you. 
Ever wonder what good writing is? 
Well, this book of insight tells you that good writing is when you the author make your point with as little words as possible. They need to be like a clean car window, not a dirt-crusted bird poop splattered car window.
In other words:
Say it straight, precise, and clear. 
I hope that answers your question on what makes good writing.  
Now for our next point, you can‘t have good writing if you’re not writing. 
download (75)
Sit down and write!
Stay away from YouTube, news feeds, Instagram, etc. Basically stay away from distractions and write.

Cartoon of the day-writing.jpg

Every writer had to stare at a blank page or computer screen. Then a trickle of an idea struck, and they started writing. They became so lost in their creation they didn’t notice the day bleeding into the night or the loss of weight because they forgot to eat. We don’t want to get that lost in writing.
It’s your weight-loss plan. If this is stop. As a person that has tried starvation diets it’s not worth it. You will lose weight but the moment you start eating normal again you gain again. But that’s another topic I might talk about in the future if you would like too.
Let me know in the comment section. 
So there you have it folks two major points for writing. It only took about 200 and something words. Have a wonderful night/day. 

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