Mindset Graphing

Hello everyone,
Before I tell you why the title, here’s some background behind the brilliant idea.
I work in a school as a tutor. And you want to know the most common thing I hear as a tutor. It’s a simple phrase that can be said in all sorts of ways. 
They say everything is too much work, extra. I don’t want to, extra. This is dumb, extra. I don’t know how, extra. 
It’s so bad my ears feel like they’re bleeding. Okay this might be a little much, but their constant complaining can rain on anybody’s parade.  
Now, I’ve told you the reason behind a brilliant idea. 
The Unveiling of This Idea.
Mindset Graph! 
The plan is to have a complaint jar and a positive jar. Every time the students even teachers complain they will have to write their complaint on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. It works the same way for the positive jar. 
Exactly one month later my little sister and myself are going to go through all of the complaints and positives. Then we’ll graph it on a posterboard to show them how their mindset affects their progress.
Mindset is everything it has the power to make or break a person’s spirit. I want them to realize their constant complaints and lack of trying is what’s holding them back. Because the students I work with are brilliant. If they can think of crafty ways to get out of work or play their games, they can definitely do their homework. 
Hey, no shame in creating a complaint jar for yourself or the people around you. Try it and then change your words and thoughts. Because words and thoughts have an impact in are everyday life. Think about it this way, say somebody is complaining about somebody and it goes on like this for days. Pretty soon you find yourself irritated with the person that was being complained about. You might even grow to be offended with them. Then when somebody else asks you why you’re offended, you don’t really know why. 
That’s just one good example of how words and thoughts can affect your mindset. Through your mindset your actions. From your actions your progress. A never-ending cycle.A2-Understanding-the-Growth-Mindset
With all that being said, don’t let your mindset hold you back from what you might think to be impossible. If you set your mind to  _______  you can achieve it.
Put whatever it is in the blank. 

images (60).jpeg


If your looking for a book about mindsets, the Mindset book written by Carol S. Dweck is a great one to read.

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