Life on Repeat

Hello everyone,
Sorry for my inconsistency, I’m currently juggling AGAIN.  Juggling two jobs and writing.  But this post isn’t going to be a venting session, sooooo don’t worry.  But, that’s life on repeat. 
I had my grandpa read my chapter book. Sorry guys it’s still not going to be seen by anybody else! Just yet. That little rule I said you know the one stomped all over.
The, don’t use too many voices in a manuscript.
Well, he gave me some feedback and… I have to rewrite it. Part of me wants to quit but then I would be a hypocrite because you guys can’t quiet. So here I go again for another round of rewrite. 
What I’m thinking of doing is keeping all the extra character’s thoughts and placing them in their own mini story.
Then with my two main character’s thoughts will be woven in along with an interesting narrator. 
Who knows, I might just leave it be.
There are still a couple more guinea pigs that have to read the manuscript.  And they might give me different feedback.
With all that being said, 
Here’s one friendly reminder to keep on. Winston Churchill created the quote, “Keep on Buggering on” during World War 2. 
England was bombed during air raids. It looked like all hope was lost for a time.
But he created that quote because he knew how important it is to keep hoping. To keep dreaming. In that time people learned resilience.  
Don’t quit. It’s not worth it, you’ll only have to start again from the very beginning. 





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