Hello everybody,

I’m so sorry for not faithfully blogging like I should have. I would give you my excuses but that’s all they are excuses. So I won’t. But what I will say is thank you again for still sticking with me. And guess what.

I FINISHED EDITING MY MANUSCRIPT!!! Before the 30th of this month. If you’re wondering why that date matters read my post…

No More Procrastination!

images (56).jpegHey if I can do it so can you. Don’t give up. Seriously, don’t give up because your

unwritten story will haunt you like the Ghost of Christmas past, present, and future.

To be honest, I was in a slight funk the last couple of weeks because I realized I broke some unwritten rules. 😅

And it’s distressing. For example, one of the unwritten rules of writing is no head hopping. Well, unfortunately I did just that five times over. Overwhelming right.

The reason for this is when I read a good book every now and again I want to know what’s going through the other characters minds. Why are they the way they are? So in my manuscript, I weaved the tale mainly between two characters.  Their the focus. Okay them and a few others.

Multiple points of view can be fun.  I will send this manuscript to publishing houses some time in the near future.

But if you’re going to break this rule too!

Here are tips:

Make sure each character has a clear voice. And a different personality.

Never let them say the same phrases unless their BFF’s or something of that sort.

To add suspense in between scene’s it’s fun to hop to the other character. It also gives you a chance to twist the main plot dramatically.

I mean why make something predictable. When it’s so much more fun to make the readers guess.

download (69).jpegOne big thing, is to write with feeling because your feeling will transfer to the readers. it’s hard for people to read a book when the character is unfeeling. It takes away from the experience of being in another world. Because that’s what good and bad books are gateways to other worlds, times, and dimensions. Don’t be afraid to bleed your emotions in a story.

A book is supposed to make people laugh and cry.


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