Hello everybody on the blogosphere,
Today is the day when I say goodby to procrastination. And encourage you all to join me on a little challenge to push yourself to do what you know you need to do. 
images (55).jpeg
  • finish your manuscript
  • write a post
  • do your homework 
  • finish an art project
  • etc.
  • the list is endless
  • never-ending
Okay, I’ll stop you get it.
Just finish it!!! Even if your discouraged and feel like it will never be done. Stop holding yourself short sit at the kitchen table if you have to. Create a routine and do it. Need a little competition look in the mirror that’s your competition. 
With that being said, I’m still stuck on book one to the series I’m working on. My main goal was to get it written, unfortunately It had a gillion errors. So my goal is to finish editing it by the  30th of this month. 
Luckily, I received good feedback on the story. If I don’t mention finishing this goal by the 30th of September you can only assume that I didn’t meet it. But that can’t happen because then I wouldn’t be living what I’m writing. Normally, its walk your talk but this post wasn’t spoken aloud so…
Any who I encourage you to write about your goal on a post or put it in the comments with a deadline and at that deadline I will ask you about it considering you provide an email or blog of your own. 
One More Thing😉
Thank you so much for the follows, and all of your guys and gals support! 😊



4 thoughts on “No More Procrastination!

Add yours

  1. My goal is to
    1.wake up early & go to gym consistently .
    2. Read 30 pages everyday of book other than college books.
    3. Practice coding everyday
    4. Listen to self development podcasts everyday.
    These are the goals I want to achieve.
    Well , I’ve just written similar type of post , I’d love if you could check out & participate in it .😃

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