Keep On Even When You No Longer Need a Bobby Pin!

Hello everybody,

How are you guys doing?

Have you seen the quote around that says, “Currently holding life together with a bobby pin.” That was me the last couple of days. It’s finally slowed down today. Now, that I’m no longer running around like a crazy person I can focus better. download (68).jpeg

So that’s what I’m doing. Preparing for what’s coming, because we can have those life moments when everything is rushing your way and your barely holding on. But there’s also those moments in life when everything is going great. Today we’re going to look at those times when everything is going amazing.


When life’s going wonderful, it’s easy to take a break and relax until it’s no longer going

good. I personally like to do a whole lot of nothing.


This is not the greatest way to spend those times of sunshine. Because the clouds come in overnight and disrupt your tranquility. For example the quote, “when it rains it pours.”  It really does, all those things compile in a matter of moments, rather than taking time to come about. If only chaos had a chronological time frame, we would know what to expect, but that’s not how chaos runs.

When we’re doing well, we need to work even harder than before. For example, writing if you put the manuscript in a drawer to collect dust you’ll lose your momentum. Possibly even your motivation. I’ve been there, done that, got the hundreds of pages to prove this.

Instead of doing the easy thing we need to do the harder thing so later on we have an even easier time. I work in a school and many time the student will come in unprepared to learn. They didn’t go over any of the materials and if I’m honest at their age, I didn’t really do that either. But, during the lesson they’re spending their time playing catch up. This scenario could’ve been avoided if they spent time before preparing.

If you get anything out of this post, please get this big thing.

Keep on Working Even When Your Life is Running Smoothly. Calvin-Hobbes-Snowball.jpg

Why play catch up with your momentum when you could create the snowball effect

in your spectrum of life.

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