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Every author out there is an illusionist to some degree. They craft a story that could be true or false and they transport readers to different places, times, and emotions.  A good book  removes the barrier of reality.  With that being said. There’s this book I finally finished writing but…

It’s still missing some key ingredients.

Ingredients that will enhance the reader’s experience. This brings me back to the illusionist.

They trick you even when you know your being tricked. They rely on your brains logic and common sense. Then with some slight of hand the fool your brain into seeing something vanish and reappear elsewhere.

That’s how a book should be with living words drawing on your imagination. Take the manuscript I’m working on, I sometimes tell rather than show the scenes.

And to put it simply that’s a problem. So I’m now going over it yet again to create a story that’s living not flat.

Image result for scratching chalkboard  gif

Now the question that everybody’s been wondering. What defines a story as living? I think it’s when your story leaves your imagination reeling.

How to do that? Show people what you mean in the most outlandish ways.

Instead of, the forest was teaming with life. Write, The soft sound of nature rang through the otherwise silent wood.

Or, the sunrise was pretty. Can be turned into, The warm rays of the sun embraced the night sky. Causing a colorful explosion of pink, orange, purple, blue, and yellow on the horizon.



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