Don’t Got The Power

Hello everybody, That title is how I feel whenever I submit a story to a publishing house or ask somebody to read one of my many manuscripts. Its nerve wrecking. My motto is fake it till you make it. This might not be completely healthy but fake confidence can help you along until you have... Continue Reading →

Affirmation, Recognition, Statice, Value Think this is what defines you  Your value comes from something bigger  It's a well of refreshing water The life you live Worth is so much more than what we may think Affirmation, Recognition, Statice, Value  Comes from Sacrifice, humility, Bravery Laying down your life for others around you  

Whats Stopping You?

Hello everybody, That's the question of the day; what's stopping you? What's holding you back? Hindering your progress. What is it? We all have something that stops us from moving forward at times. It could be your own insecurities and fears, a relationship, circumstances of life, the past, anything and everything. One simple word with three letters. "YOU"... Continue Reading →

Urban Outlaws

No time for niceties give me all your money! Just kidding,  but if you want to donate to the Aliaha fund, I won't stop you. Might be wondering what the Aliaha fund is. Well, it's a fund specifically founded to pay off my car. Don't worry it's not a real thing. Okay reason for this... Continue Reading →

Just a Little Further

Hello everybody, My pastor recently retold a story he read somewhere. It's a story or word of wisdom. This is how it went... There was a man lost in the desert. Let's call him Bob. Bob was lost in the desert and extremely thirsty. As far as the eye can see there was nobody around... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody, Today I wanted to talk about informative sites. If you're a writer of books and struggling to find lists of publishing houses stay tuned. There are probably more sites or even better websites out there but this what I found so far. Submittable- Is a lovely easy-to-use website that allows you to submit... Continue Reading →

We ALL need a Somebody.

Hello everyone, You might wonder why that title. I'll tell you after a short trip down memory lane. Do you remember the time you made your first friend? You were inseparable at school or where-ever you guys hung out. You both probably got in trouble together or was silenced by the teacher on numerous occasions.... Continue Reading →

My guide to losing interest.

Hello everyone, Welcome to my guide to losing interest. Lets just say I'm a little too gifted at this. To be honest, I haven't used any form of social media until this year. Yes, that's right the only exceptions was Pinterest and my email. So now I'm using things like Instagram and it isn't that... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody, Have you ever listened to the Grimm's fairytales or read the books. They are so gross. You might wonder why I said that but a majority of the books have people eating other people and death and darkness. And other depressing things.  I love what Walt Disney did with these stories because in... Continue Reading →

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