When Nerves Get to You

Hello everybody,

Have you ever walked into an interview and lost your cool? Not in an angry way but in the nervous, jittery kind of way. Welcome to my world that was me yesterday. It’s been so long since I had an interview my nerves definitely got the best of me.

giphy (8)

I was nervous, and I had no reason to be. There was a perpetual smile/smirk plastered to my face the whole time. The funny thing is it’s easy for me to talk to different people. I talk to people I don’t even  know all the time. I think this nerves problem was due to being evaluated for a potential position.

It’s funny how that works. It’s like when your boss comes into your area and watches how you do things. It might cause you to blunder one or two times or speed through everything, or you could do it even better than normal.

For instance, the show Kitchen Nightmare. The owners, we’ll some owners are on their best behavior, other don’t care anymore, or don’t see anything wrong with how they do things. But each and every time he came into their restaurant they acted differently. 

Another example is when you’re dating somebody. Usually on the first couple of dates both individuals are on their best behavior. Then later you found out they secretly hate Italian food. And ate it because that’s where you guys went for dinner. 

We could also get into how Gordon Ramsay is the Obi Wan Kenobi of kitchens but that would be off topic.

So let’s get into the basics of what not to do at an interview.

  1. Do not dress casual, dress to impress in the modest business type of way.
  2. Be yourself
  3. Take a deep breath
  4. Turn your cell phone on silent
  5. Stop stressing and get the job
  6. Last but definitely not least be positive

Now, that we’ve established what not to do and to do. What are you waiting for? Go out there and Strut your Stuff. 

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  1. Are there companies doing studies as of now? My daughter has PPMS and none of the Meds are helping with her nerve disorder. The nerves in her feet, legs, and pelvic area are very painful. She may be considered for a research program.

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