Traits Of A Mastermind

 Hello Fellow Individuals,

Are you an introspective, logical, rational, pragmatic, clear-headed, directive, and attentive? Could you give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money?

Congratulations, your now dubbed a Mastermind. Turns out a mastermind isn’t always an evil genius like Megamind, Syndrome, or Professor Moriarty. A mastermind is an individual that doesn’t freak out like so.

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And thinks far ahead.

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Masterminds are driven to reach their goals. They think of possible outcomes and decide on the best solution. Strong willed, capable and willing to research before believing in something.  They are also capable of adapting.

Now that we’ve established your a mastermind let’s look at some characters from Evil Genius a book about a boy named Cadel Piggott.

Is it just me or are most evil geniuses given weird names in books or movies?

This boy is a hacker by trade.

Noticing a trend. Sorry, I enjoy reading books that guarantee action and adventure maybe a couple of deaths here and there. 

Back to the subject of Cadel, he’s a boy that loves to figure out the inner workings of any system. Doing things like playing outside or making friends is boring to him. How can you blame him his brain is to big for his little frame. 

One fine day he takes it too far and is…. 

This leads to…..

That ends with him discovering….

And now he is using his knowledge to try…..

The question you might wonder 3/4ths of the way into the book is what’s going on. This is why you should read Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks.

FYI I did skip some parts in the book. Due to Cadel writing notes and other stuff that wasn’t as interesting. 

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