Hello Guy’s & Gal’s,
Have you ever read a book that rhymed? Most of us, yes. Have you read more than one book that rhymed all at the same time? I did, and it turned into a rhyme-tastrophy! 
You might think, “I don’t see the problem with this, surly you shouldn’t  be so dramatic about rhyming.”
Let me explain why rhyming can become a crime. Since I work in a school and like writing kid’s books there are times when I’m stuck rhyming. It’s not even on purpose my brain puts words together ending with the same letters or sounds. 
My younger brothers and sister find this to be irritating. Because usually when I’m stuck rhyming stories are created. Songs are sung to annoy them. Since I am their older sister the best revenge is to tease them off tune. 
Okay, I’ll cut you some slack and stop rhyming. I blame this rhyming issue on Dr. Seuss. And these two stories below which happen to be quite cute. 



How to be a hero is a fun, quirky story about a boy who want to be a hero.  Based on the cover you already know that though. 
Ada Twist, Scientist as you can guess is about a young girl that is extremely intelligent. 

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