Hello everybody,

Today I wanted to talk about informative sites. If you’re a writer of books and struggling to find lists of publishing houses stay tuned. There are probably more sites or even better websites out there but this what I found so far.

Submittable– Is a lovely easy-to-use website that allows you to submit your manuscript to publishing houses or writing or art competitions.

AuthorsPublish– Is another great sight to see a list of publishing houses with brief descriptions on what they publish. They also give advice and information on a bit of everything when it comes to writing. (open submissions, writing tips, etc.)

PictureBookPlanet– Happens to be another great resource with information on children’s publishing houses that are currently accepting manuscripts and much more.

Reedsy– Is amazing if you want to hire editors or get in contact with people about your book. You can also separate your book into chapters using their book editing tool.

AuthorsLearningCenter– Offers up podcast and videos offering advice on writing, promotions, self publishing, traditional publishing, everything. It also has a writing tool and you can upload your manuscript so other people on this site can read and help you along.

Goodreads– has numerous groups filled with beta readers, reviewers who are awesome, and so on. The cool thing is you can also get in touch with your readers this way as well.

AuthorCenteral– If you’re like me and sometimes obsess with book sells this is a great tool to use. To be honest, I avoid book sells right now because there aren’t any sells. But it also provides many other personalized tools for your author page on Amazon like a bio you can even linking your blog.

I hope this helps. If you have found other great sights post them in the comments below and I’ll add them to the list.

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