My guide to losing interest.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my guide to losing interest. Lets just say I’m a little too gifted at this. To be honest, I haven’t used any form of social media until this year. Yes, that’s right the only exceptions was Pinterest and my email. So now I’m using things like Instagram and it isn’t that bad.

Thank you sooooo much for still sticking with me.

And, no I wasn’t living under a rock I have a cell phone but I didn’t really use that either. unless I was bored in the car looking at Pinterest, I might have a slight addiction to it. But I can’t help that crafting is fun, and I work in a school so Pinterest is kind of mandatory.

Okay back to our topic losing interest we all are capable of losing people’s interest sometimes this could be good or it could be bad. 

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A good example is my none stop chatter quickly causes people’s eyes to glaze over.

Or not explaining something the right way. Later your left frustrated at the thought you could have made your point if you explained it this way or that way or every other way you didn’t think of before. 

Now that I have your rapt attention lets see what can we do to make things more….

Well for starters being animated works wonders. When people see your passion towards something it naturally makes them curious. So curious that even the stiff person sitting across the way has a hard time not eavesdropping on your conversation. They might even go as far as to start-up in your conversation. Then you made a new acquaintance.  

This was a test!!! To see what will help you keep people intrested read the bold red words below. If you enjoy my rambeling please continue reading the blue. 😋

Another thing that can make somebody interested in what you’re saying is smiling if you’re all business they won’t ask questions if they don’t ask questions it will be awkward. If its awkward people will shutdown. 
Okay so those are two tips for day-to-day life. Now lets look at the WWW otherwise known as the World Wide Web. The web is great if you know how to use it properly. 
As a simple reminder I don’t have all the answers if you reread the first paragraph you will be reminded that I just started all this year.

Here’s what I learned. 

In order to start any kind of business you need to have some kind of platform. A platform is something that raise’s you above the crowd. Not in the way of being better but by being noticed. In today’s media frenzied age you’re not just competing with people in your general area but by people all over the globe. 

So how to be noticed and not cause people to run the other way.

First be friendly. 

Second show you care.

Third listen to advice.

Forth don’t quiet.

Fifth have fun.

Six don’t worry as much it causes wrinkles. 

Seventh be consistent.

Eight use hash tags.

Do all of those things above, create amazing content and you will not cause people to run for the virtual hills on the web. 

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