Silver Tung

Hello everybody, How many of you would love to be able to read the characters out of a book? That's what Mo or Mortimer Folchart does. Turns out the average book binder isn't so average. He's really on the run! Years ago he read his wife into a story and the villan's out of it. The... Continue Reading →

See a Wave

Hello everybody, Yesterday I tried something new! I'm not the most coordinated so I'm surprised I managed to stay on the board. Surfing is awesome. But not for me. So now I am sitting on the beach watching the frothy waves call. A call of challenge, adventure, and excitement. I will not be answering that call.... Continue Reading →

Another Year of Getting Older

  Hello everybody, Today's my birthday. This means I'm getting older. You know now's the time I wish Neverland existed because I don't want to get any older. I know I'm too young to be going through a midlife crisis but technically I am living in the midlife zone. See the blue below! baby child... Continue Reading →

Book Two of ________ _______ a ______ Series

Hello everyone, I'm currently working on book two of  __________ __________a _________ series. Book one is finished! I have to send the manuscript to multiple publishing houses. The first story has quite a-lot going on. Volcano's, Bermuda Triangle, Family trouble, Clones, Secret Organizations, Mayan Civilization,  Crash, Volcanic Lightning, and so on. Currently I'm squinting at the... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up Never Back Down

Hello everybody, Do you ever feel like your world's about to end? The sand of time is slipping through your fingers. You don't have a prayer of reaching your goal. Fate itself is against you. Darkness is surrounding you. Yes, No, Maybe So Never fear, I don't have the answers. It would be a scary... Continue Reading →

Hello everybody, Beauty is good or is it? Such a timeless question! As a little girl I loved the princess movies and books. Princesses were always pretty and kind. They talked to animals and wore pretty dresses. The villans were always ugly and mean. Life was simple.   I have a question for you. If your... Continue Reading →

Delicious Food & Movie Soundtracks

Hello everyone, Yesterday my mom made this delicious dessert that's called the dessert. Your first bite of this warm, croissant, cream cheese, buttery, delight is overwhelmingly satisfying. I can't help but torment you about how delicious the dessert is. Because is amazing with Coffee. The creation of the dessert was happenstance. On a bright sunny... Continue Reading →

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