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Hello everyone,

Yesterday I read an adorable story called Little Lord Fauntleroy.  It’s about a little boy who helped an old bitter man become a kind-hearted grandfather. The story is like many others from Frances Hodgson Burnett. I admit I’m a sucker for cute stories like this one. When I was a little girl, I read a Littlest Princess, Heidi, Oliver Twist, and many others that I can’t recall at the moment. This is going to bug me. You know those moments were you can’t remember someones name or a book title and hours, or sometimes a day later you remember it.

 Any-who, back to what all these stories have in common. They are all heart warming stories about a child that faced other people and circumstances with grace and kindness. They’re great books for kids to read and see that sometimes the people who are cruel to us is because they are hurting themselves. They are outstanding reads or listens. Oliver Twist was turned into a radio drama. The Radio Drama below isn’t the one I was looking for but I put the link below anyway. Have fun listening. 

Here it is!


Here is the audiobook!

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