Here Be Dragon’s

Hello everyone, 

In my post Inspiration Illumination and Other I Words, I mentioned the Inheritance Cycle. Now, I’m going to give you the deets on why this is a must read.

Numero Uno: Dragons, who doesn’t like jeweled colored creatures that breath fire and fly. 

Two: Good mentors named Brom, every protagonist needs a good mentor

Three: Magic, Other Worlds, Elves 

Four: It almost reminds me of the resistance against the death star but instead of fighting with blasters and light sabers. Your fighting with swords, arrows, Dragons, and magic. 

Five: Multiple Languages  

Six: Drama, Action

Seriously, if you’re struggling with finding a new series to read this is the way to go. Eragon is your average cherub like a farm boy. He lives with his uncle and cousin Roran. I would tell you the story behind that little predicament but I won’t. One early morning he walks out of the farmhouse hoping to catch himself an animal. He follows the tracks of a dear and right when he’s about to let the arrow fly…. I would tell you but why when you can read it. Basically, his life changes and now he is running from the? Oh, wait I can’t tell you that either. You get it! Listen to the audiobook provided below or just crack the book open and read it. 

One more thing, whatever you decide to do, do not watch the movie!!! Read the books or listen to the audio books below.

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