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Hello everyone,

Are you a disorganized writer? I know, I am! As I work on book two to my classified series. By the way, classified series is not the name of the series.

I decided to be a little more organized this time around.  When I was working on book one I bought stuff like Now Novel. It’s really cool if you’re struggling with where to start with your story or perhaps you’re an organized individual. That is one trait I wish I had. one time I organized everything at my desk for it only to turn into a chaotic mess an hour later. 0f36e6f9e1be5161d477695012045e0d.jpg

As you write you do need to have some organizational skills though. This time I tried an app similar to mindmaps. It is amazing I just type in what I want to happen in the bubble and there you have it a flow chart, bubble map, etc. As you write and you have no ideas, you’ll be stuck. This way I can write it. Say I skip one chapter to work on another I still have my battle plan to fall back to if I lose my place. 

The cool thing about using a digital flow chart is you can easily change it without using whiteout or rewriting it because it has to be perfect. Basically it’s the plan without the mess, or extra work. 

The amazing things about plans is they can adapt to change. Say after you finish your skeletal plan and realize you don’t like how your ending will work or the plot of the story isn’t right. It’s okay. That’s where plotting takes place. 

Plotting for world domination. Sitting in your writers chair in a cafe or in a dark room. Lighting strikes in the distance. Your screen illuminates the twisted smile on your face. 

Okay, okay you don’t need to plot for world domination. But you do need to plot for your story. When I first started I had an idea in my head that I never finished writing for years then one day I plotted it out and that’s when I was able to finally finish it. So plotting matters. 

Outlining your sequence of events. This is important. You could be writing and get stuck in a rut so what do you do. Instead of throwing your laptop across the room in frustration or storming off. You can outline the chapter what’s supposed to happen. You don’t have to add details just write a simple list, outline and take a break. If you can’t finish it still then work on the next chapter or the ending. This might sound weird but it works. Trust me. Oh wait you don’t know me so how can you fully trust me. Have it your way be cautious and try it out any way because I double dog dare you too. 

 Finally writing is the most important thing of all. I read a quote on Pinterest the other day that I can’t seem to find.

It went something like this…

Writers are people who struggle to write, but its harder for them not to write.  



6 thoughts on “Planning, Plotting, Outlining, Writing

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  1. Well, planning and plotting out does help but it is necessary to become an inventor. Like, sometimes we don’t really need to outline the whole sketch of the story but can simply invent instantly. And in a lighter vein, this really helps in writing !

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      1. To be honest, I normally have an idea in my head and run with it. I wanted to be a little more organized this time just to see what it’s like. Because last time there were a couple of instances where I was stuck until I wrote the sequence of events and it flowed better from there. 

        Hey, is it okay if I steal some of your comment it gave me an idea for a post?


      2. Look, penning down an event before executing it is good but there’s also a saying “not all finger’s are the same” , so ,people like you first sequence up the write up and then eventually publish it , right!? So all I mean to say is even though perspectives vary, point is to get the satisfaction of your work and if you are getting it , you are doing an extremely fantastic job!

        And basically on my part, I am all here to provide a good work , and I m too glad that you liked it .

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