Survival of the fittest or is it the biggest?

Hello everybody,

My sister Rebecca has an evil cat. This cat has an original name… Cat! My sister named her. She’s an orange tabby with a stubby tail. Okay, she’s not really evil she just loves to hide in my room and wake me up at 3 in the morning to pet her.

The story behind Cat!

One dark warm night in a little city I shall not name. My parents and younger sibling went on a short walk down the street. They passed abandon buildings and other houses when suddenly they heard…

Dun dun dun


A cat crouched in a dark ally way observing the humans go by. She watched them talk amongst themselves. Quietly she creeped after them. When they stopped, she would stop. Every now and again they would turn in her direction. She followed them to a one-story house. She sat on a bench in front of the window to the house meowing to be let in the enticing home. Finally, one of the humans opened the door. Cat raced inside, relaxing in the dark closet filled with hanging things and shoes.

She found her home

That my friend, is how you get a cat!

Now the reason for the title. Cat happenes to love catching lizards like this little guy.

Now we have a lizard recovery home in the kitchen. Yesterday we let all the lizards go back into the wild, wild dessert. Hopefully, they will survive! Only time will tell.

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