Another Year of Getting Older


Hello everybody,
Today’s my birthday. This means I’m getting older. You know now’s the time I wish Neverland existed because I don’t want to get any older. I know I’m too young to be going through a midlife crisis but technically I am living in the midlife zone.

See the blue below!

young adult
somewhat older adult
older adult
  99+ adult

I’m kind of in the middle. Therefor it’s totally acceptable for me to be experiencing my midlife crisis. I’m kidding I’m only 23 way to young to actually be middle-aged!
To be honest, with all of you I never thought I would be around this long. Before you over think that last statement let me explain. I thought the rapture would have happened by now. You see, I am a born again christian. There was a time when I wasn’t. Mostly during my teen years. I remember telling my mom that I’m a good person because I never killed anybody. I basically went to church because my parents brought me. I didn’t do anything too crazy like drugs boyfriends or girlfriends, etc. because I would be in so much trouble.
One day it became real though. I realized no matter what you do or how far you go God will always love you. What showed me this was my Dad. He isn’t my birth dad, but he raised me since I was 5. When I was a teenager I had this idea that he would give up on me and my mom and leave. When my younger siblings came around, I worried that now that he has other kids with my mom he would push me to the side. Forgotten in the shadow’s. He never did any of that. In fact it was me that pushed him away because of my insecurities. Even though I pushed him away and treated him like a stranger not like my father, he still treated me like his daughter. And that was what showed me the love of Jesus Christ. Like I said before, he will always love us no matter what we do. It doesn’t make the things that are wrong right. Regardless of those things Jesus still came down on a cross and died for our sins. 

Have a great Forth of July everybody.  Ack.gif


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