Never Give Up Never Back Down

Hello everybody,

Do you ever feel like your world’s about to end? The sand of time is slipping through your fingers. You don’t have a prayer of reaching your goal. Fate itself is against you. Darkness is surrounding you.

Yes, No, Maybe So

Never fear, I don’t have the answers. It would be a scary place if I did have all the answers.

Okay, let’s get serious if we’re all honest we’ve all been there. In that dark obis of failure. So, how do we brave the great big world?

Simple, by coming to the realization that failure isn’t final. It never is and it never will be.

Stop seeing the glass as half empty, look at it half full. Yes, life might not be going the way you want but it’s not always going to be that way. Instead of focusing on the problems focus on the things in life that are good. And remember your not alone it might feel like you are but you always have people rooting in your corner.

Have you ever heard the fable called the Tortoise and the Harre. This fable’s moral is about how it’s better to be slow and steady then speedy Gonzalez.

download (29).jpeg

For example, the gym. I go to the gym and work out but if I overdo it I’m stuck at home for a couple of days due to health problems.



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