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Beauty is good or is it? Such a timeless question! As a little girl I loved the princess movies and books. Princesses were always pretty and kind. They talked to animals and wore pretty dresses. The villans were always ugly and mean. Life was simple. 

 I have a question for you. If your beautiful does that automatically mean your good? 

Personally, I don’t think beauty defines somebody as being good. Some people aren’t super attractive but it’s their personality that makes them beautiful and softens the hard lines, plain features. There are other people who many would consider gorgeous but they are mean and sometimes vindictive. Please don’t take that last statement too far! There are also people who are beautiful and kind. 

In the book the School for Good and Evil, Agatha and Sofie learn this valuable lesson. Your looks don’t automatically make you bad or good. What makes you bad or good is your morals and personality or lack of them. 

Soman Chainani crafted an interesting  tale where a Storian writes your fairy tale. The lines are blurred as Agatha and Sofie are introduced to the School of Good and Evil. 

Will Good win or Will Evil overhaul the old ways?


download (28).jpeg

 If you love princess stories, this book is for you!

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