Delicious Food & Movie Soundtracks

Hello everyone,

Yesterday my mom made this delicious dessert that’s called the dessert. Your first bite of this warm, croissant, cream cheese, buttery, delight is overwhelmingly satisfying. I can’t help but torment you about how delicious the dessert is. Because is amazing with Coffee.

The creation of the dessert was happenstance.

On a bright sunny day my dad came home from work and gave my mom this recipe from one of the wives of one of his coworkers. She misread the recipe’s instructions and added an extra stick of butter, too much cinnamon, and classified. I would tell you the rest but it’s a guarded family secret.

Enough of that, let’s get down to business.

Move soundtracks work miracles in the gym also while your typing your soul onto paper. It can transport you into the world of your creation. Music can also cause your emotions to go haywire if you’re in the process of writing an intense scene in your story.

Here is one of the playlist that helped me stay focused.

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