Hello everyone, Today is Father's day! Thank you, dad's for all that you do. Fixing cars, dealing with teens, bringing home the bacon, and so much more. Thank You!  I wouldn't be the person that I am today if it wasn't for my dad. He married my mom and accepted me as his own daughter.... Continue Reading →

Fear of Repetition

Hello everybody, I have a question what is your biggest fear when you write? Mine is repetition. My mom tells me to stop talking sometimes because, One I talk a lot & Two sometimes I say the same thing but in ten different ways, and don't even realize it. You see I'm very gifted in... Continue Reading →

Media Cleanse

Hello everybody, Today I decided to go on a Media Cleanse. What is a Media Cleanse you might wonder? It is when you shut off the wi-fi, turn of your phone and enjoy the wonders of the world around you. If your anything like me you might have a slight addiction to Pinterest and news feeds. Or... Continue Reading →

Lot Of Holes

Hi everybody, If your reading this you might feel a need to comment. Fill free to.  Now I know I’ve mentioned The novel that I’m working on way too much.  And I’m sorry but I’m going to mention it again. I’m still working on filling all the holes in my plot! Luckily it’s not a... Continue Reading →

Stop in the Name of ???

Hello everyone,  IF YOU STOPPED MY PLAN IS WORKING!!! Wondering about the title for this post maybe even my mental heath. Yah, I kind of am too. I'm kidding. I promise.  The reason for this post is to tell you to Stop your constant worrying and criticism of your work. Successful people don't become successful... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone,  Today I wanted to talk about when Ideas become too much. As you might be aware I'm working on a young adult novel. I find the more I work on it though the more things I want to add to it. Because who doesn't like a good plot twist?  But that's where the... Continue Reading →

Dreaded Second Draft

Hello everyone, Don't take that image to heart. I'm obviously not dying. Not yet anyway. I'm still typing away working on the second draft of my young adult novel. Let me cut off my complaining to let you all know that I'm now on page 29 with 169 more pages to go... The overwhelming feeling... Continue Reading →

Cake Sniffer

Hello everyone,  I just realized that I haven't told you guys about any good books in a great while. Here it goes! Have you ever been called a cake sniffer? The Baudelaire orphans have been labeled a cake sniffer perhaps one, too many times. The series of unfortunate events is a really good read.  I actually... Continue Reading →

The Sky’s Awake

Hello everyone,  Don't you love it when inspiration comes and you start writing it down at 3 am.  I'm not sure if I do yet. Don't get me wrong I love inspiration. But I also love sleep. There has been quite a few times where I was writing and lost track of time. When I... Continue Reading →

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