Hello everyone, Today my little sister finally finished editing my manuscript. Now I have to listen to the whole thing and then decide if I need to make any more changes. After I finish that its fate lays in the balance. As some people I know read it and tell me if it's a okay.... Continue Reading →

Classic Underdog

Hello everyone, Have you read books where they have a classic underdog story? I just finished a series called Michel Vey, and it was hold on let me look for synonyms for awesome. Because I use awesome too much when it come to describing things. Here you go... It was awe-inspiring, the main character Micheal... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, That's kind of how I feel at the moment. The process of developing and growing as a writer is hard. Sometimes it makes you want to hit the road. Unfortunately hitting the road will only lead to bloody knuckles. That's really not my cup of tea.  How to get out of the funk?... Continue Reading →

Because It’s Tradition

 Hello everyone, Fun random fact for the day! Did you know GEICO... A tradition is a long-established custom or belief that has been passed down. What makes something tradition? There are all of these traditions people have!  Different cultures,  customs, and traditions. Here is a short list of some of these traditions. A bride has to... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, How many of you like a good science fiction book about Time Traveling? Well, there's this book called The Time Travelers by Linda Buckly-Archer. Its amazing! If you read it, you might think time actually stopped. Leaving you in stunned silence after you read the full series. Okay that's a little much. But... Continue Reading →

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