Hello everyone, How many of you like a good science fiction book about Time Traveling? Well, there's this book called The Time Travelers by Linda Buckly-Archer. Its amazing! If you read it, you might think time actually stopped. Leaving you in stunned silence after you read the full series. Okay that's a little much. But... Continue Reading →

The Different Phases of a Story

  Hello everyone, As your well aware I've been working on a manuscript for some time now. I've rewritten the same scenes so many times I know the story by heart. You're probably thinking I hope you know it by heart I mean it is your story after all. Well, in response to that thought... Continue Reading →

Writers Gonna Write

Hello everyone, I have a question for you! What makes a writer a real writer? Some people are under the impression a writer is somebody that published a book. They may even say, "you're a real writer now that you published a book." Other people believe you're a writer if you like to write.  Shall... Continue Reading →

Writers Bleed Word’s on Paper

Hello everyone, Have you ever written something so deep you sometimes wonder where it came from? It's almost like this deep overwhelming need to share with somebody your innermost feeling but can't bring yourself to. You want to express yourself or explain your actions but the words don't come. Then when your back home looking... Continue Reading →

The UnFaithfulssssss

Hello everybody, I must make a confession I've been an unfaithful blogger. I was sidetracked with a story I've been going over. It's about two siblings, named ______ and _______ who happen to be _______. Like the series of unfortunate events these two characters, also have a depressing story. I had to make it less... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, Who enjoys a nice little competition every now and again? I do too much. I blame the schools I went to for making me this way. Just kidding. it was due to liking awards! I have a whole box of them in my closet. Think about it, who doesn't like awards? But sometimes... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, Have you ever heard of a bird whistle?  I know you probably heard of a dog whistle. Growing up I read books like Robinson Crusoe, the Swiss Family Robinson, and Chasing the Falconer series.     These books had one thing in common, the characters growth and survival. Whether it be in the... Continue Reading →

Hello everyone, My Little Agenda was created because my sister challenged me to write something with the three words My Little Agenda. Fill free to tell me what you think in the comments below. Dear Agenda, Today I went to school for the first time. My teacher Ms. Joe gave me you. A spiral-bound Agenda.... Continue Reading →

Just Blurbing Away

  Hello everyone, As a beginner at being a starving artist. I actually never really knew what a blurb  was. I never even heard the term book blurb until I published my first book. Here's what I found: Blurb NOUN A short description of a book, film, or other product written for promotional purposes.  ... Continue Reading →

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