Hello everyone,

Today my little sister finally finished editing my manuscript.


Now I have to listen to the whole thing and then decide if I need to make any more changes. After I finish that its fate lays in the balance. As some people I know read it and tell me if it’s a okay. They will tell me if this story is okay enough to send to a publisher. The nerves!!!

I’m currently feeling a little woozy and it doesn’t help that I’m eating homemade Japanese jiggly cake either. My sister tried a recipe and this jiggly cake is outstanding.

download (21).jpeg

Okay, let’s get to the point of this post.

How many of you writers have transported from your living room or small coffee shop to a writers zone? A bubble of sorts where you meet and great your characters. When I was working on writing this story, I was literally in the zone. My fingers flew across the keyboard. This is why the first draft had so many errors. That and I don’t have the best spelling. There was even a time in writing where I think I broke spell check.

So now whenever I write I cheat and use ProWritingAid it’s a really cool program that catches those minor and not so minor errors.

Back to this zone its hard to describe its like all these ideas are coming and overflowing. Words, words, and more words. It’s probably what a zombie feels like they’re so in tune with their hunger and thirst all they can think about it their hunger and thirst. It leads them to go after their deep desire for fresh blood.

I’m finally cured because the story is finished, sort of. I have to listen to it and make sure it’s all good then it will be completed.


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