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If you’re a parent of a none reader and your child is addicted to video games, and tv show’s. Or you’re just looking for another book to read because you finished your latest series or maybe you’re suffering from book withdrawals.

Here is the book series for you. Have you ever heard of Jimmy Coates? He is a young boy that finds out he isn’t necessarily human. He may think and feel like a human but he is something else entirely. 

  • Boy

  • Robot

  • Assassin

  • Alien

He is three of those things listed above!

Eleven-year-old Jimmy thinks he’s your ordinary boy in his Neo Democratic English home. Boy, was that illusion shattered when strange men and women go after him. Now he is on the run wanted for what he is. The sad thing is he’s not even sure about what he is until later in the book. It’s fascinating how the Author Joe Craig weaved this story. He made it so anybody that reads it is on the edge of their seats. 

tenor (1)

I can’t wait for Genesis to be finished because Joe Craig left me dangling off the cliff of this series.

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