Classic Underdog

Hello everyone,

Have you read books where they have a classic underdog story?download (18)

I just finished a series called Michel Vey, and it was hold on let me look for synonyms for awesome. Because I use awesome too much when it come to describing things. Here you go…

It was awe-inspiring, the main character Micheal is your classic bully victim when one day he has enough and electrocutes the bully. This leads to the most popular girl Taylor in school discovering his bright little secret. Turn’s out he’s not alone because she also has a secret of her own.

I would tell you the secret I really want too but….

I can’t!

Any-who Taylor and Micheal are joined by Ostin Michaels best, quirky, friend. They try to uncover why Mitchel is the way he is along with Taylor’s secret.

As any reader can guess this is not good. It only gets worse from there for our characters Micheal, Taylor, and Ostin.

This story is awe-inspiring because one who doesn’t like super-powers, secret organizations, bad guys monologs, and soooooo much more.

If you go Through books like I DO, it helps that this series is so long.

Have fun Reading!!!

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