Writers Bleed Word’s on Paper

Hello everyone,

Have you ever written something so deep you sometimes wonder where it came from? It’s almost like this deep overwhelming need to share with somebody your innermost feeling but can’t bring yourself to. You want to express yourself or explain your actions but the words don’t come. Then when your back home looking at a blank wall, the urge to pickup a pencil open your computer whatever writing tool you use you just have to get it out. You write and write not realizing what your writing about until it’s finished.

I’ve done this on many occasions. My parents say I talk too much, and I really do talk too much, but when it comes to being personal or talking about something I’m truly passionate about I find it’s hard too. So then I kind of quiet down and live with a turmoil until I start writing. When I write I finally get all the information arguments reasons out of my system and can finally breathe again.

Writing can be so personal at times.

The phrase real writers bleed. Writers don’t bleed blood or cry salt water. They bleed words on paper that they shape and mold to get a thought or an idea across. Sometimes it’s the only way they can tell someone they love them, by etching the memory of them on paper. It might be the only way to show your human when your naturally closed off because of life’s many traumas. Writing is the only way you know how to show you feel.

Write if its on a blog, journal, article, or book. Write and never stop because what you write can change a life.


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