Just Blurbing Away


Hello everyone,

As a beginner at being a starving artist.


I actually never really knew what a blurb 

was. I never even heard the term book blurb until I published my first book.

Here’s what I found:



  • A short description of a book, film, or other product written for promotional purposes.

Blurbs are very controversial some people believe it is the key ingredient for book sales. While other authors believe it is, what it is.  

The blurb is written by another author about your book. It can act as an endorsement agent in getting you noticed.

How to get a blurb?

Ask an author. It is best to get a blurb from somebody you know, or a friend of a friend. It makes it more personal. I don’t know any Authors personally so this wouldn’t really work for me but it might for you.  If you don’t know an author personally it’s okay. Many authors are willing to write a blurb. You just have to do your research. Professional authors have a “blurb and review” page on their web-sight that lets you know their policies. 

Another thing to consider is what’s your genre? 

If your writing young adult books you don’t want somebody to give you a blurb that only writes picture books. The reason being is their readers are not in the age range of your young adult book. 

Authors that give blurbs are really giving their stamp of approval to their readers.

download (20)

They’re saying this book is the best thing since sliced bread. Read It!


here are links to additional blurb information







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