Media Cleanse

Hello everybody,

Today I decided to go on a Media Cleanse.

What is a Media Cleanse you might wonder? It is when you shut off the wi-fi, turn of your phone and enjoy the wonders of the world around you.


If your anything like me you might have a slight addiction to Pinterest and news feeds. Or you might enjoy binge watching Netflix. Who knows?

Sometimes though it’s best to get out of the house and go hiking or go to a museum. The reason behind this is the media is sometimes negative or repetitive it can even be bias.

Soaking up all of that can eventually create a pessimistic monster. So go out and have fun without the phone.

download (19)

Bring it, you might discover something new.

If you are in love with list’s there are dozens of them all over the internet with things to do.

Just type things to do without a smart phone.


What to do instead of reaching for your Smartphone.

Heres some ideas of what you can do


  1. Go to your local library
  2. go to the park and play basketball with random strangers
  3. clean your room
  4. go on a bike ride
  5. go hiking 
  6. write in a small coffee shop
  7. reorganize your closet 
  8. stop avoiding whatever it is your supposed to be doing 
  9. invite your friends and bake something in the kitchen with a cookbook
  10. learn an instrument 
  11. pull a prank on one of your friends
  12. learn an accent

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